About Alex Ehrsam

s41101ca121347_8_pp_12Alex is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s of Science degree in Family Therapy from Friends University, Wichita at the Kansas City Campus.  He has also received degrees in Business Administration and Middle Eastern history.

As part of his degree requirements, while with Friends, he received his clinical training at both Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA) in Independence, MO and Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri.  These two sites afforded him a wide range of clinical experience working with couples, families, and individuals around a variety of presenting issues.  These include depression, anxiety, relationship distress, pre-marital counseling, and issues with adolescent and adult children, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, consequences of divorce, death of a loved one, and the challenges of having a loved one who suffers with mental illness. 

Alex has personally experienced the loss of family members, divorce, remarriage, and the challenge of a blended family.  Since the death of his younger brother almost twenty-five years ago, he has been on a quest to understand both why difficult things happen in life, and how best to respond, cope and most importantly grow stronger from the experience.  He felt drawn to the field of professional counseling; Ehrsam Counseling is the culmination of his dream to serve others.

Alex would welcome the opportunity to serve you around your personal challenges in life.  It can truly take more strength to ask for help, then to go it alone.   Call 913-890-3720 for a free  phone consultation to determine if he might be the right person to walk with you in this challenging time.