Alex serves  families, couples and individuals, with an emphasis on couples, including relationship issues, marriage preparation, marriage enrichment,  and marital conflict resolution.  Alex believes the “marriage or relationship” is his client.

Therapy is offered from a client-centered, systemic approach.  Client-centered means the therapist does not have a “one-size fits all” approach to therapy.  Rather, he spends time getting to know his clients, their contexts, and their unique perspective.

Alex also has a focus on male  life transitions such as divorce, job loss, retirement, death of loved one, challenges with children, or just growing older.   Perhaps it is just a feeling of emptiness that just won’t go away, or what once had meaning in life, no longer seems to be important.   Men often have never had anyone who “modeled to them” how  to communicate around these issues.  Alex is especially comfortable working with men around these and other complex issues.  We were “never” meant to go it alone, yet we do it, because it is what we have always done.

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